Solution - The Mote

The Mote - a floorhead of an entirely new generation!

The Mote is a solution to your problem of vacuuming poorly accessible areas.

It’s not an ordinary floorbrush — it’s a revolutionary solution that will change your vacuuming experience.

The Mote - dusty brush - white and black colour of brushes black and white the mote black the mote while hoovering dusty by brush

The Mote

Are you fed up with vacuuming narrow nooks, crevices, corners, and other difficult-to-reach spaces (e.g. ventilation grills)? With a new, revolutionary multi-tube floorhead you will get rid of this problem!

Thanks to diversified diameters of tubes, the Mote provides an ideal suction force, which makes vacuuming of drawers, shelves, bags, or little cabinets much easier, as you do not have to empty them, and still safe, as you do not need to worry that it will suck anything in!

A unique and extremely optimised structure causes spaces inaccessible so far to ordinary floorheads be clean again!

Watch our video and see for yourself!

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The Mote and brush dusty:

Easy vacuuming of:

Ventilation grills

Are you sick and tired of dirty and ugly ventilation grills? Are you fed up with the dust in your bathroom? The Mote is the solution for you!

Drawers and cabinets

Cleaning of drawers, closets and cabinets without emptying them. It has never been so enjoyable.

Nooks and crevices

Chinks at thresholds, floor corners or areas underneath cabinets — cleaning these spaces will not be a problem anymore.

Bookshelf and document files

Books, documents, decorations – never again will you need to pull these things off a shelf to do the dusting.

All poorly accessible areas

The Mote will reach wherever other floorheads haven’t been able to so far.


Ventilation, a glove compartment, seats, and crevices – your car will be shiny at last.


One revolutionary floorhead will replace a range of heads you have in your house! Due to its refined design the dust is spread around during vacuuming to a much lesser extent. Less dust = less allergens!

Adjust the diameter of the tubes to the dust and particle grain you want to suck in. Remember that the most inaccessible, thus rarely cleaned, spaces, are a real paradise for mites. The Mote will help you reach these areas, remove all dust and particles, and decimate the enemy!


The Mote will handle even big loads! Flexible and durable parts of the floorhead are bendable, hence they reach the most inaccessible places even more easily!


Not only do we provide a range of tube diameters, but we also offer adapters for the most popular vacuum cleaner brands. The inside diameter of our floorhead is 32 mm. Is your vacuum cleaner equipped with a 35 mm tube? That’s not a problem – all you need is an adapter!


No more blocked vacuum cleaner tube! The Mote does not suck in large objects and its cleaning is as easy as child’s play

What’s more?

It is better than microfibre — The Mote brush prevents dust, particulates and other grains from hovering in the air. High air speed during vacuuming allows for cleaning even smooth surfaces!

The satisfaction guarantee is our pets, who simply love the Mote! Treating your pets with a multi-tube floorhead, you give them real pleasure and are able to catch loose hairs before they fly around your home! The Mote works like a brush, comb and a vacuum cleaner in one. ;)

Length: approx. 42 cm

Inside diameter: 32 mm

Colour: black or white

It fits all vacuum cleaners with a telescopic tube of an inside diameter 32 mm. If your tube has got other diameter, use an adapter.

A list of compatible vacuum cleaners.

Photo Gallery

We present you The Mote in all its splendour.

black, white brushes for a vacuum
black and white brushes - the mote
white and black dusty brush on a white landscape
white dusty brush hoovering marble
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black the mote
black and white brushes of the mote
white and black brushes for hoover
white, black the mote
white, and black dusty brush on a surface
black dusty brush
white dusty brush
dusty brush with extender
dusty brush while hoovering metal
dusty brush while hoovering the metal surface
dusty brush on glass - black and white colour


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dusty brush black and white The Mote — a multi-tube brush floorhead

The multi-tube floorhead fits the vacuum cleaner brands whose list you can find: here.

The multi-tube floorhead fits most of available vacuum cleaners, but if the inside diameter of the telescopic tube of your vacuum cleaner is different than 32 mm, you can buy an adapter (+ £3 / 3€).

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adapter for dusty brush - 35mm
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